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Debunking Myths Around Chiropractic Care

Spinal Adjustments Hurt: On the contrary, most patients feel no discomfort when receiving a spinal adjustment. In fact, most patients look forward to their chiropractic appointments because they feel instant relief.

Spinal Adjustments Are Dangerous: Not true. Spinal adjustments are extremely safe when performed by a chiropractor. In fact, chiropractic care is the safest form of healthcare when it comes to treating neck and back pain.

Chiropractors Lack Education Compared To Medical Doctors: The training and education endured by chiropractors is extremely thorough and demanding, similar to that of medical doctors with the exception of pharmacology and surgery.

Chiropractic Is Not Scientific: Chiropractors are dedicated to providing their patients with the safest and most effective healing methods. In order to achieve this, chiropractic must be devoted to and engrossed in scientific study.

Chiropractic Care Is Expensive: According to research, chiropractic care is consistently shown to be one of the most affordable and cost-effective forms of health care.

You’ll Have To Undergo Chiropractic Care For The Rest of Your Life: You go to the doctor for a checkup. You go to the dentist to get your teeth cleaned. Chiropractic care is no different. A periodic checkup from a chiropractor helps your body maintain healthy and full functional levels. Chiropractic care is preventative not reactive.

Chiropractic Care Only Helps With Back Pain: Chiropractors provide effective treatment for all types of musculoskeletal and soft tissue disorders not just back and neck ailments. 


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