Dr. Matthew Hamby of Hamby Chiropractic & Wellness in Rincon, Georgia writes about how a person can ensure that the effects of his or her adjustment last.

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How To Make Sure Your Adjustments Last

Depending on your activities after your chiropractic treatment, the effects can either last days or merely a few hours. Fortunately, you can extend the effects of your treatment by following a few simple guidelines.

Pay attention to your posture. Although you may feel better after a chiropractic adjustment poor posture such as slouching can quickly reverse the effects of the treatment. Poor posture may cause the effects of your treatment to wear off because it contributes to spinal misalignment, muscle tightness, and other discomforting symptoms that chiropractic works to correct. Poor posture is counterproductive. To ensure your treatment lasts focus on maintaining good posture. This means holding your devices at eye level instead of looking down, standing up straight instead of hunching over, and pushing your shoulders back as you hold your head high. Good Posture

Use ergonomic furniture. Maintaining good posture can be difficult if your furniture does not promote proper posture. Ergonomic furniture such as an ergonomic desk chair can help keep your spine properly aligned, support your lower back, and distribute your weight evenly. Another option or one to consider in addition to an ergonomic chair is a standing desk. Standing desks can potentially reduce neck and back pain while also increasing your productivity. 

Ergonomic Chair

Take regular breaks. Good posture and ergonomic furniture can help keep your spine properly aligned, however; long hours spent in the same position can cause the pain to come back. That is why it is important to take regular breaks. Adding frequent breaks in your daily routine can help prevent pain and discomfort. 

Avoid awkward movements or lifting. Activities that cause you to form awkward positions or contort your body can cause pain and discomfort. Poor lifting techniques can also ruin the efforts of the chiropractic treatment. Make sure you are using your knees and your legs instead of your back when lifting objects or working out. 


Drink water. Water helps by cleansing your body of toxins that are released after an adjustment. Water also helps lubricate the joints, which allows you to increase your range of motion and flexibility. In addition, water helps you avoid dehydration, which can cause headaches, muscle weakness, dizziness, fatigue, and irritability. 


Exercise. Though you may not want to engage in strenuous exercises right after an adjustment, low-impact exercises will help keep your muscles loose and improve your range of motion. Walking, swimming, biking, yoga, pilates, and other forms of exercise can help enhance your adjustment results. In addition, your chiropractor may give you exercises that you can perform at home to help improve your strength and flexibility. These exercises are an essential aspect of your treatment plan so it is imperative that you follow the recommended exercise regiment. 


Get enough sleep. Sleep plays a key role in the healing process. While you are sleeping your body is busy repairing itself. If you are not getting seven to eight hours of sleep per night you may be unwittingly sabotaging your body's efforts. 


Chiropractic is a safe, natural, hands-on, and holistic form of healthcare, but it is also an interactive one. It takes effort on both your and the doctor's part in order to help you achieve your health and wellness goes. 

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